• linda125
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    September 2015
  • MeieAlida28
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    May 2015
  • Evangelinaflynn
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    January 2015
  • Evangelinaflynn
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    January 2015
  • Christyboyerss
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    December 2014
  • Tommiejohnsons
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    December 2014
  • noelnthomas
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    December 2014
  • bubu1919
    Salut. Imi cer scuze ca te abordez in mod direct, dar se pare ca esti cel mai in domeniu sa ma lamuresti intr-o chestie si anume cotiera fata de golf IV - 2 usi este la fel ca si cea de golf IV - 4 usi? Eu am o SOT 1 si cea de golf IV am vazut ca e identica, insa nu se face niciunde referire la 2 sau 4 usi, ma refer la golf. Am gasit una de golf, dar tipul de la dezmembrari imi zice ca e de 2 usi. Imi cer scuze inca o data pt. abordare si pentru limbajul meu insa nu stiam pe cine sa intreb, asa ca....:) Oricum multumesc frumos!
    January 2012

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