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  • How To Choose Hair Styles for Men

    These days men are getting on the personal grooming wagon more than ever. Just as with women, the right hair style can improve a man's appearance instantly. When choosing men's hair styles you'll want to pay attention to the trends out there, as well as what style works best with your hair.

    Work with what you've got. There's no sense in working against your hair type. Instead, choose men's hair cuts and styles that will show off your hair in its best light. For example, fine hair, as a general rule, should be kept short to make it appear thicker.

    Don't fight the curl. If you have naturally curly hair, avoid styles meant for straight hair. There are plenty of hair styles out there that will work with, or at least help tame, your curly hair.

    Choosing a style for brazilian hair thinning hair. If your hairline is receding or you have a bald patch to cover up, you'll need to take this into consideration when choosing a style. Contrary to popular belief, growing your hair longer to cover up your thinning hair is usually counterproductive. More often than not, short hair styles will blend your thinning patches better and make them less noticeable.

    Short hair versus long hair. Gone are the days when it was customary for men to always have short hair. Some men prefer, and look better, with long hair. However, you should not make this choice on a whim. Keep in mind that darker hair looks better when kept short. Also, if you are going to have long hair make sure that you are willing to do the upkeep to keep it looking nice. This includes getting trims and using gel to style the lengthy locks.

    Facial shape is important. The size and shape of your face can be the most important factor when choosing a hair style. Choosing the right cut can flatter a man, making him look younger and thinner. The following are the guidelines to follow when choosing the best style for your face shape:

    GA_googleFillSlot("htdt6_article_content_mid_fashion-and-personal-care_728x250"); GA_googleFillSlot("htdt6_article_content_mid_fashion-and-personal-care_728x250"); Round: Men who have a round face should stick with short hair. The areas on the side of the face should be thinner than the top. This will make the man's face appear less round. Square: For men with strong features a short haircut is best. The sides should be kept neat and tidy while the top should be longer. Spiked hair is great for men with square faces. Oval: This is a face shape that can accommodate most hair styles. Just make sure that the style looks good before it is executed. Long: Keep the top of the hair short with longer hair on the sides. This will help trim some of the length from the face.

    Facial Hair. Men with facial hair should keep this area trimmed as well. A goatee or mustache can add flair to any look. However, unkempt and improperly groomed facial hair can have the opposite effect. Get a personal grooming tool, if necessary, to maintain this look. brazilian hair

    Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Your hairstylist is a professional and knows hair. If you don't know what type of style would look best on you, ask for suggestions and hair styling tips from your hairdresser. The stylist will recommend hair styles based on your hair and what will suit your face shape best. Just make sure that the style you decide on is one that you truly like.

    How much work is it? Some men don't mind taking time to apply gel or to style their hair while some couldn't be bothered. If you're a low maintenance kind of guy, make sure to mention that. Some of the more popular hairstyles will require some products and work, but if you find a style you really like, now might be the time to have your stylist show you how to style your hair. A little bit of gel can go a long way to making your style look great.

    Keep it up. Once you have your new style, don't let it get unruly. Regular trims, about every four to six hair extensions clip in weeks, will keep that new style looking its best.

    Choosing a hair style might take a little work but the end result will be worth it. When you find one that works with your hair type and face shape, you'll be looking better than ever before. Just remember, women take notice of men that take a little time to look their best, so not only will you feel better but you'll be looking better to yourself and those around you as well.

    Required Tools: Your new hair style will probably benefit from adding some styling gel or a mens styling creme to keep it looking its best. Quick Tips: When your stylist finishes cutting your hair, ask her to style it for you. Pay close attention to what products she uses and what she does with your hair so you can try to recreate the look at home. Useful Links: Hairstyle.com

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