Italian woodworker and vice-chairman
  • ago machines mechanical exhibition, chief delegate Mr ORIANDI and Italian woodworker and vice-chairman of cutting tool Manufacturers Association Mr FANTANA accepted building a patio deck over cracked concrete agency of Beijing of committee of Italian foreign trade of the reporter interview. Mr ORIANDI says, the 9th lumber that holds this year machines mechanical exhibition to go up, join those who add Italian exhibition hall to 20

    postpone business, exhibit an area composite fence post farm to be 500 square metre, calculate on those businesses that postpone through importer ginseng, the person that Italy exhibits round ginseng exceeds 100. This shows, the attention degree to China and Italian lumber machine Italy the heavy visual range to Chinese market spends mechanical industry. Introduce according to Mr FANTANA, Security Grilling On Composite Deck according to the statistic

    2001, the total output value with Italian lumber mechanical treatment is 18. 3.3 billion euro, than going up year reduced 3 % ; The 79 % that export a quantity to occupy manufacturing gross (exit forehead is 14. 400 million euro, dropped than 2000 4 % ) , exit basically faces industrialized nation. Plastic Wood Garden Fencing Sale The timber that Italy imports machined machinery to increase 2 % than 2000, for 2. 3 euro.

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