the biggest Germany
  • ligneous timber with the biggest Germany, begin to restored to produce again now. After Rolf Schlunkes of presiding apparitor of the author of afterwards enterprise composite wood railings white and company found market of brushstroke sawn timber, the company makes sawn timber of manufacturing Ju wood with 2. At the beginning of last year August, WPH applied for to go bankrupt to place protection, september immediately

    stop production. Because China buys composite decks and pools a quantity to decrease to Ju wood, WPH already incur the deficit of 1 million euro. 2001, the company ever exported 20 thousand stere Ju to cultivate log to our country. Although Jean Olivier Boghossian of official of business failure administration is maintained to WTH company when to support pessimistic attitude, but his break down wood composite technologies business failure

    liquidation. Have the aid of at the new stock fund that provides by Schiunkes, WPH can perform the order professional work that comes from China to buy sawn timber. Began in January last year, schlunkes exports Ju to cultivate sawn timber to Spain. Besides new stock fund, WPH also got state-owned forest help. cheapest patio flooring In 2001, cut 2002 season period, state-owned forest had offerred money but unpaid

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