become a strong international brand
  • market nothing more, their technology or their, best vinyl floors for bathroomsand China did not learn much; Fulin 07 years in Dongguan also established a first-class R & D and production base in Asia, also introduced Mannington senior R & D personnel, but from the annual sales point of view the proportion of R & D expenses also very limited, the emphasis on research and development is still relatively small. Although the annual sales volume of the Chinese floor

    has exceeded 400 million square meters,where to buy cheapest composite decking over half of them are foreign OEMs and low-cost exports. To become a strong international brand, they still need to continue to develop while growing abroad R & D efforts to enhance the technical content of products is particularly important. (2) brand concept is not strong. It appears that the development of Chinese enterprises is in a stage of strong brand development. However, some

    enterprises are still in the process of large-scale development in the first phase of enterprise development, and they focus on the production of light brands.architectural designs wall molding China's DVD exports to the United States is 35 US dollars a, but the actual profit is only 1 US dollar; China's watch exports to Europe is 12 euros, while the European watch exports to China but to 1200 euros, a far cry, and this is the brand effect at play . According to the statistics of

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