5000 Series Aluminum Coil supplier
  • Product description
    5052 aluminum coil also called AL - Mg alloy aluminum, magnesium is the main alloy elements in 5052 aluminum alloy, is one of the most widely used antirust aluminum, the alloy pocess high strength, especially the fatigue strength, plasticity and high corrosion resistance, cannot heat treatment to strengthen, in a cold work hardening plasticity is good, when the cold work hardening plasticity is low, good corrosion resistance, good weld ability, cutting performance is bad, can be polished.
    Our packing meets the sea export standard. We could cover PE/PVC protective film on the coil surface under customer's requirements. Special requirements of packing could be negotiate before order.
    5052 aluminum coil the main elements is magnesium, has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, medium strength, used for sheet metal parts of aircraft fuel tanks, tubing, and vehicle and vessel, street lamp and meter, rivets, metal products, electrical shell etc..5000 Series Aluminum Coil supplier

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