The transformation of ultrafine mill
  • The traditional crushing equipment has encountered bottlenecks in the development process. China's ultrafine mill products have great potential for development, and there are various problems in the actual production process. In the development of ore materials in the coming years, new requirements for high purity and ultrafine mill will be put forward. This is a process that must be experienced in deep processing of industry, and also a significance in the appearance of ultrafine grinder.

    The transformation of ultrafine mill is mainly reflected in the following aspects

    1. the industry should provide users with unified evaluation criteria and quantitative methods of powder crushing equipment. What kind of products are qualified and have a real reference standard?

    2. the ultrafine grinding equipment should improve the particle size distribution and particle size control on the basis of existing materials, optimize the production process, study the controllability and dispersibility of powder, and meet the market requirement for fineness of materials.

    3. to achieve product has wider application field, not only in the processing, mining industry and mineral products of the same, should also play an important role in functional ceramics, catalytic materials, coating materials, electronic materials, energy and environmental protection, bio pharmaceutical industry modernization.

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