burmese lumber market
  • long 2, 6m, thick 10, 30cm, class A quotes 8500, 9500 yuan / stere. Burmese respect, burmese lumber market still does not have too big change, purchase price is high, outdoor pool fences and deck supply of goods is little wait for an element to still perplexing numerous agency. Have lumber businessman report, burmese material offers money little and not stable, the price tall, adding a lot of material plant Burmese

    material to be able to use African properties of wood composite fence products material to replace, because Burmese this this year material is in the ground that home market does not have base oneself upon almost, prices is low a concussion. At present Burmese clone grows Guangdong market 2.2, 4500-4600 of quote of 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A yuan / stere; Gold-rimmed shaddock is long 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, teak wood decking for sale houston class A quotes 7000, 7500 yuan

    stere. 2, market of African sawn timber: In busy season drive, whole of market of lumber of near future Africa is behaved not common. The businessman expresses, design of fences for garden wood 3 nearly two months are all the year round the period with lumber the most fervent market, african material market level relatively before a few months improve somewhat. The businessman expresses at the same time, with

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