What do you do when you can't log in to the router's management interface?
  • L checks whether the IP address obtained by the computer is in the same network segment as the Factory Supply 5kw On Grid Solar System For Home Use With Low Price And High Quality's IP address (the default is 192.168.1.X, X is any number between 2-254). If it is different, please check if there is any mistake in the configuration of computer network parameters.

    L, if the computer is unable to get the IP address of the same network segment of the router, it is recommended to manually specify the IP address of the computer and try to login again. It can be referred to as: how to set the IP address for the computer to set up.

    L unplug the WAN port of the Fish Shrimp Farming Solar Power Aerator, all other devices connected by the LAN1/2/3/4 port, only keep your computer, restart the router and try to log on.

    Check your browser settings (L browser click "tools --Internet options", select "connect" tab, select "no dial-up connection" and click "Settings", that the three are not checked state, click OK) or a browser (such as Firefox, Google chrome) after try again, if still not management, try for a computer to access.

    L will reset the router after login, reset method is energized and hold down the Reset button (the Reset button is beside the power socket or network interface and the QSS button holes or be made one after 10 seconds) to let go, the router will automatically restart, Sealed Rechargeable Opzs Battery 2v 500ah Opzs2 500 For Solar System and then re according to the steps in connection

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