building materials industry
  • flooring industry trends, product exports and anti-dumping, quality and development."Top Ten Brands" excessive testing of formaldehyde in the floor Recently, Mr. Wang,do it yourself outdoor bench plans a Beijing citizen, ran a few home renovation building materials market. Almost every business encountered this referral:[url=]outdoor railing and plank[/url] "Our floor is China's top ten brands," "Our sofa is the top ten brands in the industry" ... ... Mr. Wang said: "No matter what the furniture is sold,

    they say that they are ten Big brand ... ... where can you buy reconstituted rubber fencing in birmingham"Reporters recently in Beijing, Jinan and other home building materials market unannounced visits found that the" top ten brands "has become a trader to attract customers gold signature. The reporter logged in a company operating the[url=]1000 sq ft deck cost[/url] "long-Sheng floor" company website, immediately showed the "2012 China flooring [0.00%] top ten brands, 2012 top ten brands of flooring, China Top Ten

    brand flooring, ten top ten brands of solid wood flooring,cheap diy deck flooring laminate flooring ten Brand "and other words. A business floor operators in the shop marked "Top Ten Chinese flooring brand", "National Quality 3.15 flooring brand top 10" and other words, when a reporter asked where this is the selection,[url=]what kind of wood to use for bench slats[/url] the sales staff actually can not answer. Reporters found that one had access to multiple "top ten brands" and on the website that "28

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