wpc that provides the insulation
  • Everyday Sunshine Some Thoughts on Building Your Own wpc Green House If you are interested in constructing a green house there a certain factors you'll need to bear in mind if you don't want to spend too much of your hard-earned cash. A large part of the outlay is often decided not just by the materials used and their size, but also by the way

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    you plan to use your greenhouse; that is, its design. A wpc green house, definitely the type most extensively in use today, not only allows the largest amount of natural sunlight to reach your plants, but also allows the highest amount of heat to escape in the wintry months. The only way to get around this is to provide for extra insulation. The careful

    placement of a 4mm solid piece of clear plastic bolted to the inside of the green house frame should be enough to effectively reduce heat loss by 20%. Remember, it is the air space between the plastic and the wpc that provides the insulation, not the plastic panel itself, so be sure to leave a wide enough gap. The framework of a wpc green house is

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