affect with plywood
  • spending market to affect with plywood, yield rises steadily, be in about 4 million stere / year. Veneer is fast and dry the technology obtains a breakthrough, composite decking travis perkins hopeful gets popularizing; Thermoplastic glue film technology again partial enterprise gains a success, will get bedding face accumulates promotion. 2016 year, chinese plywood consumption one hundred and sixty-one million eight

    hundred and twenty thousand stere, Sauna mold and mildew bead board than going up year of growth is close 5.6% . Go 10 years Chinese plywood consumption year all add fast achieve 23.6% , it is the amplitude in man-made board is the fastest board kind, consumption adds amplitude of crop of fast prep above 3 percent. Lumber market displays a disorder slightly, prices trend remains the same ascertain is 4 x 4 big fence distributor in uae errant Distinguish

    at before the price quotations of a week, partial lumber price appears last week the change of turn sex, russia material price continues dimension is certain, north America plastic wood panelling increases loose price as before tall look forward to, balata wood points to receive board criterion act out of normal behaviour has dropping tendency. From this, relevant personage expresses, at present lumber market

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