being offered a choice of good
  • of fence companies that cannot provide them. Whether the contract is simple and straightforward or longer and more detailed, be sure you read it thoroughly. In our 25+ years experience in the industry we have found that misunderstandings are a result of contract disagreement rather than actual dishonesty or incompetence. Be sure you have the fence

    companies state certain items in writing that are important to you. Look for the following when you are comparing contract from different fence companies, the following should be addressed in each contract: 1. Compliance with local codes and ordinances - Are permit costs included? Who will obtain the permit? Who will arrange for the utilities to be

    marked prior to digging? 2. Product Choices - Are you being offered a choice of good, better and best fencing available? Are they identified by brand and manufacturer name? Do you understand the difference in aesthetics and manufacturing from one fencing product to another, including color, finish, style and ratings? 3. Scheduling - Start and stop

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