Deciduous leaf is loose
  • yuan / stere; 25cm of Bai Songjun diameter, long 6m signs up for 1110 yuan / stere; Deciduous leaf is loose all diameter 18cm, long 4m signs up for 1040 yuan / stere. available sawing pvc patio flooring With keep balance last week. 26.5 million stere increased particieboard yield compared to the same period 2016 30.5% One, productivity. 2016 year, the whole nation builds go into operation in all 6 particieboard product line,

    increase productivity newly 715 thousand stere / year, than going up year of growth 63% , make the same score continuously among them press product line 2, total technological process of production of composite board productivity 300 thousand stere / year, 42% what occupy the whole nation to increase productivity newly about. End by 2016, company of production of nearly 320 countrywide particieboard retains particieboard product line 337,

    total productivity achieves 20.81 million gardenweb cable rails or wood deck stere / year, distributing to be saved in 24 (city, area) . Total productivity is in 5.4% grow on the foundation 2015. 2016 year, guangdong retains particieboard product line 45, productivity achieves 3.41 million stere / year, continue to rank the first; Shandong retains particieboard product line 52, teak outdoor parquet flooring productivity achieves 2.76 million stere / year,

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