contaminant to be carried
  • that the place sets discharges contaminant to be carried out to press day of successive punishment, exceed pollutant discharge standard to discharge the; of contaminant again ⑥ pollutes engineered flooring manufacturing pattaya a source inside 30 days the; that accumulative total of data of online and automatic monitoring exceeds bid 5 days ⑦ is discharged illegally contain heavy metal, endurance the serious harm environment

    such as organic contaminant, contaminant that man made patio decking materials damages human body health exceeds pollutant discharge standard the; of 3 times above ⑧ exceeds key contaminant to discharge gross year to control index to discharge the; of contaminant ⑨ is instructed to restrict the; that pollutant discharge standard still exceeds to discharge contaminant after production ⑩ discharges a standard more than

    because of breaking out incident to cause decking boards by style selections contaminant to discharge or the; that key contaminant discharges gross to dominate index ⑪The other state that law, code rules. The enterprise ought to obtain the blowdown license that arranges air pollution content and water building near the water fence board pollution thing, ability can be produced normally, and ought to note annual contaminant to discharge gross to cannot dominate

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