Breakfast connecting to weight loss?
  • The road to ideal weight is not as smooth as the silk path. So it is not surprising that many people try to take shortcuts in hopes of speeding up desired results.

    However, some of the popular dietary ways that are often done are not all good for health. Even many can harm the body. Here are 7 diet myths that are actually wrong and you no longer need to trust.

    No breakfast makes weight loss

    Wrong. Weight will indeed go down when you occasionally do not eat breakfast. But, a few pounds missing is not derived from body fat deposits, but rather from muscle - which is a method of weight loss that is not ideal.

    Losing muscle mass is a factor that can make you more tired and hungry all day long. Therefore, skipping breakfast can make you more likely to respond by eating large portions and high-calorie during lunch hour. If done constantly, this diet is actually risky to add some numbers on your scales.

    People who are accustomed to breakfast are reported to have a better general body health, and better able to maintain their weight compared with people who do not breakfast. Breakfast can help you control hunger during the day and prevent you from snacking on unhealthy snacks.

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