Sunlight can cause aging??
  • The term is pinned on a person who looks much older than his age. Apparently there are a number of habits that can cause someone to experience 'wasteful face' you know.

    Summarized by Health from various sources, here are a variety of things that can cause a person 'wasteful face':

    Most Exposed to Sunlight

    In the journal Clinical, Cosmetic And Investigational Dermatology mentioned the effect of UV exposure will tend to increase with age. Researchers also found that participants most often exposed to the sun look older than their actual age.

    The team of researchers from L'Oreal Research and Innovation Center, Paris said sunlight is responsible for 80.3 percent of skin aging. Also found, women whose skin damage reached 82 percent then he looks three years older than his actual age. While those with skin damage of 78 percent looked three years younger.

    With it concluded the addition of skin damage as much as two percent resulted in a person's face look older three years. Vice versa.

    Exposure to UV light in a long time can also lead to pigmentation (skin discoloration), decreased elasticity and skin texture, including changing the skin to be yellowish.

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    Lack of sleep

    Scientists from the University Hospital Case Medical Center found that lack of sleep is associated with reduced skin health and accelerate skin aging. One scientist, scientist, Elma Baron, MD says the skin's function is to protect the body from various stressors such as environmental toxins, ultraviolet radiation and DNA damage (Deoxyribo Nukleic Acid) from sunburn.

    Lack of sleep makes the skin cells quickly damaged and aged prematurely. From the observation known that participants who sleep less have a performance score of 2.2 whereas enough sleep has a score of 4.4.

    In addition, participants who sleep less experience uneven pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.

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