increase the added value of products
  • In 2004, Tiange Shuangling started hiring excellent domestic anti-dumping and anti-subsidy experts and lawyers to investigate the investigation initiated by the Canadian Customs. In the most severe and tedious investigation, Tiange Shuangling raised its floor with the Canadian Customs To communicate,

    while continuing to product innovation, increase the added value of products, out of the vicious circle of low-cost competition. Most proud of the fact that Tiange Shuangling Flooring gained zero customs duty on 8-12mm laminate flooring imported by Canadian Customs and won an anti-dumping investigation,

    which should be considered as a beautiful counterattack by Chinese flooring companies to trade barriers set abroad. Tiange Shuangling floor in this event's success, making it not only won a reputation in the country, but also in the export of Canada is more unimpeded,

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