Problems and requirements of foundation and foundation of kiln
  • Foundation: the foundation of a kiln is a complex and important problem as the foundation of a house. It is necessary for designers and constructors to treat them carefully. For the foundation, in general should be performed prior to the engineering geological survey, grasp the physical and mechanical properties of soil, requires clear soil quality, carrying capacity, groundwater level, soil distribution is uniform, there is no vacuum furnace soft soil, has no dark shore, ponds, wells, tombs etc.. Truthfully no condition of the investigation, the only in the soil after excavation of soil is consistent with the design requirements, there is no special place, according to the specific circumstances, in the vicinity of the building foundation treatment practices and experience and refer to the relevant information to discuss the research to determine its solution.

    As far as Jingdezhen is concerned, it is a hilly area, and there are many waste porcelain residue left over from the past dynasties in the urban area, and the geological conditions are complex. In general, the bearing capacity of some subsoil (below the surface) can be referred to the following table.

    Name bearing capacity of foundation soil kg/cm2

    1.2-2.0 of cultivated land

    The old house and the old piece of ground slag foundation 0.9-1.2

    0.7-0.9 of slags foundation with long accumulation age

    New subgrade 0.4-0.7

    But the city effect zone and some areas have weathered rock foundation, its bearing capacity is very high, the kiln foundation is without concern.

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