Concrete pump truck
  • Concrete pump truck is the use of pressure to convey concrete along the pipeline continuous machinery. Consists of pump body and delivery pipe. According to the structure is divided into piston type, squeeze type, hydraulic diaphragm type. Pump body mounted on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with telescopic or inflatable fabric rod, to form a pump.
    Concrete pump truck is equipped with a stirring cone on the car chassis and its rotary drive system and other components, the transport operations in two ways: 1) long-distance (usually more than 15km) delivery, the eight dry mix, to be reached 10 to 15 minutes before the site of use, start stirring cone rotation (speed 8 ~ 12r / min), and by the car equipped with a tank to the cone tube quantitative water, the dry mix into concrete until the construction site and then Reverse the material will be discharged, 2) within 10km when the input is only used as transport machinery, mixing concrete mixing concrete will be fitted with eight iron Jane, the cone in the transport process at low speed rotation (2 ~ 4r / min ), To prevent stratification segregation of concrete phenomenon, until the construction site and then reverse the cone discharge will be.
    Although this machine can be mixed concrete, but the head mixing time is relatively long, considering its economy, should not be used as a mixer.

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