free formaldehyde in the floor
  • FCF hunt aldehyde factor is a non-toxic and highly active molecule added during the production of Del floor. Like non-toxic and highly active hunter, this kind of non-toxic and highly active molecule can rapidly capture the free formaldehyde in the floor and generate stable non-toxic polymer compounds,

    so as to reduce or eliminate the effect of free formaldehyde in the floor. Technology has passed the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department of scientific and technological achievements appraisal. It is the only formaldehyde capture technology in China that has been appraised by the official state authority.

    Delle FCF per aldehyde floor, are carefully selected excellent substrate based on the production process to add FCF formaldehyde aldehyde, to achieve the purpose of removing formaldehyde, the floor becomes a non-hazardous products to the human body.

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