• Kiln is an important thermal equipment in the production of ceramics. The quality and cost of firing are closely related to the quality of the building and installation of the kiln. So the construction technology of the kiln is a very important problem. If the construction quality is poor or the method is unreasonable, it will largely affect the service life and firing process of kiln, and reduce the thermal efficiency of kiln and increase the maintenance cost.

    The characteristics and requirements of the total kiln is roughly under high load, requires a certain accuracy and strictness of geometry, to prevent heating gas leakage and cold air inhalation, can adapt to the firing process requirements, to ensure the realization of the kiln pressure, temperature and atmosphere system. Because the kiln wall is one side heated, and the temperature is different, expansion and contraction, easy to damage, especially in intermittent furnace.

    The primary task of the kiln construction is to ensure the quality of the installation and installation, so that the expensive kiln equipment will be better and faster. At the same time, the cost should be reduced.

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