Development of medium frequency electric furnace equipment
  • The development of equipment, medium frequency furnace, induction furnace, mainly refers to the variable flow link structure and solid parts development; design of medium frequency furnace will be more attention to the balance of three phase, and the need to put on the power factor control to the allowable range of power grid, in order to reduce the loss of the grid, it can save energy for a main purpose. In the field of forging and pressing in China, no matter any induction medium frequency furnace heating equipment, heating equipment and main equipment computer centralized control and centralized display, there will be further improvement of the capability of coordinated operation. After the computer is used to heat up the main engine and the intermediate frequency electric furnace, of course, it also includes other auxiliary devices of the unit, which controls the operation to the best condition. Undoubtedly, it is the most important goal in the development of industrial technology.
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