Culture and Market Determine the Future of Mining Industry
  • With the continuous development in human culture, various industries in various field gradually forms its own unique and develops along with the development of social, economy, science and technology. As the object of labor in the national economic development, mining mineral recourses is the enterprise about the investigation, exploration, mining, metallurgical activities. Of course, ultrafine mill machinery culture is also one of the culture branches in the forms of art, knowledge, concept of mining culture. As the most critical and decisive factor in the mining industry, mining set is particularly important.
    Related enterprises in the ultrafine mill equipment should and must attach much importance to the formation, development and transformation of mineral culture in order to seize the main contradiction to solve the problem. So far, human being has become the master of the world, but human activity must respect the laws of nature, or they will inevitably be destroyed by nature. Therefore, the development of mining set must respect the objective laws too; otherwise, it will become the victim of its own evil deeds. According to the data, in 2008 national coal production accounted for 1/3, but coal mine accident deaths accounted for 80% of the world; regardless of the small coal mines or large state-owned coal mine, the major reason why the frequent occurrence of accident is that we goes against mining culture laws.
    Mining equipment enterprise likewise, in today's era of knowledge economy, the enterprise seeking future industry lead in the future industry particularly should obey the objective laws, respect the mining culture and adapt to the market changes. If mining culture is the spiritual civilization of enterprise, then the market is the social formation of the material civilization development. Both spiritual civilization and material civilization should be given enough attention to and both of them should be developed equally. Market is the essential factors for the enterprise's existence, if there is no market, there will all be empty words. In order to win the market, we must learn how to formulate market strategy. Business is war without bullets; you will have to be familiar with the basic information of the opponent in order to win the war. It goes without saying that know yourself is to be quite familiar with your enterprises basic condition and capability. Knowing your enemy is not only the understanding of competitors in peer companies and competitor's consumers. There are two forms of consumer demand: one is the real demand, the other is the potential demand. The reality of demand is the demands of consumers actually feel, the potential demand is not formed in the ideology of consumer but the existence of demand.
    Any business aiming at succession must change traditional concept and regard market demand as the starting point. If a business without the guiding ideology of mining culture and forward-looking foresee consciousness is only satisfied with the market share in the short term, only focusing on the immediate interests will route to failure abyss. The only way for the development of mining enterprise is to understand and adapt to the mining culture and transfer market concept. 'Survival of the fittest' is the eternal law for survival.

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