via detecting to the sale
  • result to manage a bulletin to detect circumstance, via detecting to the sale rejected product undertakes be investigatinged lawfully. The lawful sex of the tongue and groove deck lumber product that Japan exports and but durative Japan lumber exports association to regard Japanese lumber as the exclusive national organization of exit, in recent years hand in hand the application that organization of

    domestic and international local waterproof decking materials government, trade, enterprise drives Japanese wood products and lumber to use technical overseas jointly together. Japan produces what wood products overseas won numerous customer to choose one of main reasons with praise highly, the wood products that is Japanese exit takes lawful sex seriously (cutting is the about the forest placemats be left on the table relevant law that perhaps

    produces an area according to the manufacturing country of log, undertake through proper procedures. ) and but durative (lumber is from but durative maintenance is composite wood pavillion produced in the plantation that means maintains those who come out. ) . 1. The relevant system of silvan attestation Silvan attestation: What make according to independent silvan attestation body is fiducial, tripartite

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