Energy-efficient crushers are essential to green industry
  • Developing green building materials is the development theme of the building materials industry in 2013, and the cement industry in building materials industry has a great responsibility on green development path. In order to meet the requirement of green production, our company has updated technology and equipments such as quarry crusher, grinder mill machine in the prophase of cement stone crushing, and processed waste residue which is released in the late to strive for development of pollution-free.

    As we know, crusher is the key in Cement production line, and the materials to be broken will largely decide the quality of cement products. Learned from many cement plants, they mainly choose the equipment such as hammer crusher, Impact crusher produced by us to crush limestone cement raw materials. The reason why these equipments are so heavily favored lie in high scientific and technological content and obvious intelligent operation. These equipments can reduce the human resources and realize the goal of high productivity, good quality and low waste emissions.

    In addition, our company has also made great contributions to process the cement slag; equipments researched and developed by our company such as the coal gangue hammer crusher and coal mill, single-section hammer crusher,etc. well solve the emissions of waste stone material in cement production and greatly improve the degree of resource utilization.

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