market already very
  • stocks of Burmese material on level market already very in short supply, the material that lumber businessman turns in succession and manages the other area such as African high quality sound absorbing outdoor panels material is planted, burmese lumber market rings down the curtain from this. Guangdong market clone is at present long 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 4500, 4700 yuan / silk of stere, card spins 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm,

    class A quotes 4500, 4800 yuan / stere. cheap white fencing for yard Valence does not have city. 2, market of African sawn timber: As the ceaseless development of off-season mood, african lumber market is fatigued and weak posture more and more add apparent. The personage inside course of study is mirrorred, show the order that businessman of downstream and most furniture receives level mostly already consign ends, start

    working rate also glides ceaselessly waterproof tile board used for external decorative plates accordingly, the market demand that lays African capable person in this circumstance also glides ceaselessly, prices shock is disturbed. Price respect, the businessman states the price of material of near future Africa is stabilized basically. Safflower pear transfers smoothly. According to businessman report,staining wood deck floor get the end of the year near the influence

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