Foshan stainless steel pipe industry is also generally summarized
  • 1. Decoration tube; less industrial pipe Foshan area (including the Dali and other places in the South China Sea), it is estimated that about 150 manufacturers, of which more than 87% of the production decoration tube manufacturers accounted for only about 10% of the manufacturers at the same time production Decorative pipe and fluid delivery tube, only less than 10 stainless steel welded pipe specializing in the production of liquid delivery tube.China Supplier Interior Decoration Astm A240 304 Stainless Steel Plate

    2.201 more; 304 less As the stainless steel pipe market in recent years gradually shift to small and medium-sized cities and rural areas, which also determines the stainless steel pipe market by the main 304 to 201-based. Decorative tubes occupy the absolute position of my dominance, while fluid tubes are the opposite.ASTM building material hot rolling 304 stainless steel price

    3 small factories and more; small factory small concentration at the end, so that enterprises do not have their own technical department, each factory are braving their brains for the survival of the factory, no time and money into research and development of new products in the process, So that the technological content of products has always been hovering at a low level, affecting the upgrading of products.Alta calidad Fiable 304 chapa de acero inoxidable

    4. Low-end and more; high-end less The majority of newly started manufacturers mainly low-end decorative tube as the flagship product. Many entrepreneurs who are interested in the development of China's stainless steel welded pipe saw this. Some large-scale well-known enterprises have actively produced and developed some commercial products, introduced some laser welding equipment and bright annealed devices to develop and produce industrial pipes and oil Chemical pipe, urea tube Zhu, and has achieved good results.X2CrNiN18 7 Standard Sizes 28mm Stainless Steel Round Bar Flat

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