corner scrap from surrounding
  • included in the timber in Nanning City in 2014 the sixth major project (industry) to start the grand opening activities. The total investment 350 million yuan.interior wall wood cladding ideas The construction content and scale of the project are: newly-built production workshop, office building,[url=]quick cap resurfacing deck system[/url] dormitory and supporting facilities with a total construction area of ​​about 50,000 square meters. The project investor Guangxi Deli Wood Co., Ltd., through cooperation with the

    central enterprise China FOAM Group, introduced a more automated German Perlman complete set of equipment, using continuous flat pressing technology to produce floor base material and laminate flooring.pvc walling for sale in philippines At the same time this project is implemented, Guangxi Deli Wood Co., Ltd.[url=]can we straighten warped composite boards[/url] will also make use of wood waste in the production of floor base materials and corner scrap from surrounding wood processing enterprises as fuel to

    carry out biomass cogeneration. The project started construction in March 2013. At present, office buildings, dormitory buildings, production workshops and warehouses have all been completed and delivered.[url=]hardwood decking applications[/url] Greening of hardened roads in the factory district is completed and some production equipment is commissioned. The annual output value of the project is expected to reach 500 million yuan , Paid tax 20 million yuan, can provide

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