occupy a network
  • research actual strength, occupy a network by force to popularize channel, make community of vermicelli made from bean starch and user stickiness, it is its successful security wood plastic decking key undoubtedly. The line on new-style line issues confluence, or it is of prospective sale new way In sale of the furniture on line " furniture experience spends inadequacy " difficult problem, ever perplexed many enterprises.

    Each brand thinks up all sorts of best outdoor wood plastic composite flower boxes in succession, the enterprise on the line that says like preamble place " sink " , make vermicelli made from bean starch group promotion user learns an evaluation, and use VR/AR technology to make up for etc. spends a question to solve an experience likewise, 2015, be based on the furniture that shares economy and mobile Internet to plans for wooden courtyard decks sell terrace I

    am in the home (original name " neither more nor less than " ) be born, base oneself upon at " life home " mode, open the sale means of the confluence below the line on a kind of treated tounge and groove deck boards new-style line, consumer connection is together. The user can make an appointment according to furniture brand, style, position appropriate " life home " , in receiving user home continuously, true condition

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