industries of whole
  • examination in all 1 kind of products that 3 industries of whole town produce (3 batch) , eligible 2 batch, percent of pass is 67% . According to this second review epl outdoor wood coating release " 4 quarters thoroughfared 2017 state city regular surveillance selectives examination result summary table " , thoroughfare the furniture of 1 batch wood that grand furniture factory manufactures state city Ke Chengjia (board)

    (norms model 1200 × 760 × 400; Manufacturing date or lot number in October 2017) sample is given by check sealing side of consistency of service instruction, plastic wood floor lumber in macau label, man-made board, formaldehyde releases a quantity the project is unqualified. Clear Li Cang of Qingdao of illegal lumber market hits a New Year to tear open violate " the first gun " On January 6, price of wood plastic timber decking in hong kong of heavy-duty grab plangent

    broke Li Cang Ou Shiyuan the calm of community of cliff of street Buddha ear, an illegal lumber market that covers an area of 27 thousand square metre is style selections beechwood brown ultra low maintenance demolished, start shooting beginning of New Year of Li Cang area is violated build demolish " the first gun " . This is Li Cang area " beautiful Qingdao acts 3 years " since beginning again large tear open violate the act. Execute the law

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