Environmental pollution
  • Industry, as one of the culprits of environmental pollution, is again pushed to the point of the coexistence of environmental protection and economic growth. Is it an economy or an environment? Can there be an ideal height in the parabolic line of common development? There is no doubt that the pain of the environment is also an industrial pain and a pain in the economy. To make them a perfect fit, generations of environmentalists continue to rush on the way in the green industry, low carbon industry, continue to explore and try and innovation, so far, has been a breakthrough in industrial and environmental barriers to coexist, and began the field of mass transport used in industrial development.

    In the same way, it is also a difficult and long task to refine industrial environmental protection into various enterprises. The characteristics of industrial production are doomed to the production of a large number of pollution components in the pursuit of economic goals. We should not only guarantee the economic growth, but also keep the living environment for the future generations, and put forward many difficult problems to the continuous development and expansion of industrial enterprises. The head of the business is trying to find a way of sustainable development. The fact that behind closed doors is not feasible, only put themselves into the industrial development environment, understand the advanced practice of green industrial undertakings and the way, learn advanced information of green industrial undertakings, it is possible to make itself in an invincible position.

    March 2013 6 - 9 in the sixth session held in Tianjin China China (Tianjin) international casting, heat treatment and Industrial Furnace Exhibition and Chinese (Tianjin) international welding and cutting technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundry Exhibition") first proposed "green and low carbon industry exhibition" slogan, set the world front green industry any information, through the Tianjin Foundry Exhibition of this platform to the global industrial enterprise publicity environmental protection of human beings, the current Tianjin foundry exhibition attracted "green and low carbon industry exhibition" to have come from more than 30 countries around the world and Tianjin foundry enterprises, sharing the ninth China Exhibition (Tianjin) International equipment manufacturing industry the grand exposition of 80000 square meters and more than 80000 professional audience and large purchase business opportunities.

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