Green industry
  • Even Japan, a carcinogenic air pollution and air pollution in the world's ten largest city Chinese accounted for seven of the news with the major media headlines, to protect human health has been repeatedly questioned, air pollution causes harm national panic, businesses have started speculation "all the people go out wearing masks," is not a day the need for the purchase of a rate of 80% litres of pure air and bargaining, or because the purchase of the pure air rate is not enough to earn blush?

    The importance of low carbon, green and environmental protection is reiterated and emphasized in the era of increasing understanding of air pollution and increasing awareness of environmental health. To the government meeting, next to the streets and lanes everywhere filled with, for atmospheric deterioration concerns.

    The environmental protection slogan since 1972 after the first session of the United Nations Conference on the human environment "is put forward, through continuous efforts has gradually penetrated into all aspects of society, however, throughout history, the implementation of the concept of environmental protection has experienced a long time of 40 years, is closely related with human environment has not improved. But in an irresistible trend exacerbated. Is the government losing his duty? Is it numb of the people? Or the pain of history? When Chinese citizens are cancerous at a rate of 6 people per minute, do anyone still live in peace?

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