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  • Sound insulation materials designers will find everything from the simple things of luxury and natural beauty, so the environmentally friendly and efficient gradient sound-absorbing cotton used in the bedroom space decoration design, to achieve the open space of bedroom, the bedroom space The overall more refined, emitting a personality and interesting flavor. For the owners and their guests to create a fascinating environment, has become the subject of the bedroom sound insulation transformation. The remodeled interior space will record small stories happening in the family, beautiful moments between families, and all kinds of whimsical inspiration. Through the natural fusion of sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing spaces with family activities, designers preserve the original purpose of housing as a hunter's residence and create an open, modern and inviting living environment. In the context of sound-absorbing materials, interior furnishings and accessories include collectibles, antiques, vintage furniture and upscale and modern Dutch and American designs. In color selection, home acoustic designers choose to elegant and light colors as the keynote, which injects a number of sharp colors, highlighting the overall style of the space. One of the most distinctive elements is the dining chair which has been given a new use. Each dining chair is decorated with an ancient oil painting, which together form an amazing exhibition. In addition, Art sound-absorbing panels decorated orange table is also very eye-catching; and family activities by the towering bookshelf built magical cotton wool construction also gives the impression that books seem vacant.

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