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  • other win blue sky to guard battle to be able to have the favorable effect that prop up. 4 big board base of whole nation of cold winter advent will be in 3 easiest outdoor bench in the future in succession stop production According to Jiangsu Shu this world, pi city, shandong He lustre, Linyi plate company learns, factory of veneer skin coming back already entered the Yang Mu of base of these 4 plank ending

    phase, some should come back wood composite laminate flooring manufacturers usa immediately cut, some returns remnant half Che Yang timber. Boss of mill of skin coming back states the weather is too cold in succession, yang Mu already froze, come back cut this last car to be entered no longer makings, put New year holidays to employee. As a cold air is raided recently, cold winter of northward make one's covered entrance decking usa bow is seasonal, temperature of northern

    city lowest already achieved 6 degrees 0 times, plate production of this year also enters end gradually, when factory of a when interview He lustre when the deck steps sloping ground reporter skin coming back basks in leather worker to want how to long have a holiday, worker aunt says: "This year earlier than having a holiday last year, gather up leather of that half car, we are basked in, the boss gives us winter

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