flooring industry to create a distribution
  • Now the first phase of planning 517 pavement, is for the future of China's flooring industry to create a distribution service brand. Let more businesses or operators, even direct end-consumers in this place to purchase transactions for information.

    In this way we reduce the purchase cost. And the city, the district gave us the appropriate policy. In the middle of two years, all the process sections below the district were rewarded to you. Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission approved our project as one of the 47 key service projects in Jiangsu Province.

    So everyone is troubled by the tax rebate problem, raw material costs have increased, is there any way to digest, I hope some of our colleagues in Nanjing, whether in this regard, the use of such a platform for our buyers. We can lower the cost and bring the advantages of our competition to be clear.

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