the introduction of green flooring
  • Ruijia floor visual arts with ancient vicissitudes and modern style, so that the home is full of artistic vision; Neoclassicism is compatible with the luxurious and modern taste, let the home full of personalized aesthetic concepts and cultural taste.

    Event Promotion: 7.8% of the audience during the event. Green home floor, the introduction of green flooring in Taiwan, Germany advanced automatic leaching paint equipment, and the use of healthy, environmentally friendly German super-wear TREFFERT paint,

    to meet the pursuit of high-quality consumers at the same time, environmental health into the continuous satisfaction Consumer colorful life needs. Activity concessions: Acacia 910 × 123 × 18,218 yuan / ㎡; Oak 510 × 58 × 18,152 yuan / ㎡; fiber jade 910 × 125 × 18,230 yuan / ㎡.

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