high-grade solid wood flooring
  • Soy suffering from tuck bashing solid haggard? Large category, nearly 150 models, classic models to meet the individual Demand, highlight noble extraordinary. Geer Sen floor Zhejiang Geer Sen Wood Co., Ltd. is a professional production and marketing of various types of high-grade solid wood flooring, parquet,

    laminate flooring of large enterprises, is one of the first to obtain a national wood floor industrial production permit units . Activities discount: 1. 30% off during the event. 2. The following four paragraph 6.8 fold: Disc beans (6021,6024) 910 × 122 × 18;

    grid wood (red sandalwood) 910 × 122 × 18; Acacia wood (2 colors) 910 × 122 × 18; Dun bean (2 colors) 910 × 122 × 18. Friends of the world floor floor Friends of the floor is China's first batch of three national Mianjian products business, in April 2007 won the China Well-known brand trademark.

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