Influence factors of fineness of ultrafine mill
  • The ultrafine mill distributed widely in the different parts of the equipment manufacturers, have different advantages, ultrafine mill also has the difference in quality, performance, and the problems encountered in the work is various, reduce but cannot do without change and fineness of production capacity, as well as parts of the fault. Here is to introduce the area of the production of ultrafine mill at work, for what are the main influential factors of fineness.

    According to the working principle of the equipment and the size of the different types of equipment in the working time and the requirements for its feeding properties, the factors that cause the fineness change in their work are mainly the following aspects.

    What are the factors affecting the fineness of the ultrafine mill

    1, material properties, such as hardness is too large, will cause the increase of milling difficulty, the ultrafine mill output and fineness of change, in view of this phenomenon, we need to ensure that the fineness of equipment, working in time, ensure the feed processing equipment meets the requirements, at the same time to ensure the block and powder in proportion to the mineral reasonable and stable, so as to achieve uniform powder fineness;

    2, when the work of ultrafine mill, one of the factors of speed but also affect its fineness in general, if the speed is too high or too low, will make the meal or flour early transfer to the powder outlet. The influence of material fineness, the phenomenon of the solution is through regulating the size of motor current milling machine to achieve the speed of adjustment, so as to realize the reasonable fineness requirements;

    3, ultrafine mill grinding the finished product in the collection process, through the classification of the screening device selection, does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the mill will be two times, to improve the fineness of grinding fineness, ensure uniform, so for the screening device selection and use is also very important;

    4, Wear caused by the change of the fineness of ultrafine mill internal parts, because once the wear phenomenon, will cause the material grinding insufficient phenomenon, this makes the fineness of change, in view of this phenomenon, when we need to feed, to ensure the material properties meet the equipment requirements, in order to to reduce the wear degree, and in the daily production, attention to equipment maintenance, prolong its service life.

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