project construction It is the critical
  • Chin-wen said that by the end of 2011,how wide are slats on a park bench the project construction It is the critical time when there was a shortage of funds for the construction of the company. Pingnan county government to understand the situation, the leaders in charge of the county to find personally Tanqi Wen,[url=]tile board that looks like subway tile[/url] the county government as a guarantee, and he went to the Construction Bank to complete the loan of 10 million yuan unsecured for the project construction help

    solve the urgent needs. "In March 2013,how to build a 14x18 freestanding deck the 120,000 cubic meters of laminating board project was officially put into operation. From March to November, the output value will reach 70 million yuan and the tax revenue will be 1.8 million yuan.[url=]composite timber facade malaysia[/url] The tax revenue in 2013 is expected to exceed 2 million yuan. Now the whole plant More than 300 workers an average monthly salary of more than 2,000 yuan; Pingnan County, 90% of the

    building template is to use our products,leveled platform for pool each 48 yuan, 12 yuan cheaper than the field, and can be used repeatedly 10 times, the other board to use Three or four times. [url=]decorative garden fencing wood plastic composite fencing[/url]"Tan Chin-wen began to reckon, he said, his promise to the Pingnan county government will be able to achieve because the second phase of the main building has been completed, has ordered a set of more than 100 million yuan from Germany automatic wood flooring

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