Dainan stainless steel seamless steel pipe
  • Environmental Protection, Integrated Law Enforcement, Public Security, Market Supervision, Taxation, and Power Supply Joint Operations, Put in Place, Take Action and Ensure Completion of Various Tasks. Town Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Office, Supervision Section tracking inspection, in order to ensure that small pickling business does not affect the closure of many stainless steel business needs, as early as 2014 Dainan town to guide the strength of enterprises set up a new source of Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Invest 580 million yuan to establish a stainless steel surface treatment center, the main plant of 80,000 square meters, has completed the construction of automated and semi-automatic pickling production line 41, the product range of services covering stainless steel wire rod, plate, profile and all other pieces of stainless steel surface treatment Products, annual processing capacity of 1 million tons.stainless steel coil exports

    According to the company's technical director, "pickling pollution is mainly reflected in acid mist control, waste acid discharge and sludge disposal, etc. The center adopts the most advanced production technology and environmental protection facilities to make the project truly achieve the" reduction Decontamination, resource-based "environmental protection requirements, completely solve the stainless steel pickling environmental pollution problems.High Quality S45C Steel Round Bar

    In addition, both iron ore and coke prices, itself also caused the billet cost increases, so that the billet prices have risen basis, and steel mills have raised the ex-factory price is to billet prices have risen even more. In addition, the rising steel prices led the spot price increases, but also to promote further billet prices, while the 14th and 15th of the billet price increases are also suspended and the steel is not unrelated to the adjustment.Soporte de ángulo de acero inoxidable FSJRS barandilla de hierro forjado más barato

    Of course, the start of a new round of infrastructure-based investment in 2017 may be the guarantee of market confidence. The $ 16 trillion investment in infrastructure is tantamount to giving the market a boost and the demand is rising The fundamental motivation lies. However, the market should not be completely optimistic. After all, except for the south, steel demand in most parts of the northern part of the country has not really started yet, but billet inventories are rapidly rising. March two sessions of the country will be held in Beijing, in order to ensure the weather, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has begun to arrange the relevant environmental requirements, it is learned that some mills have received late February and early March of the environmental restrictions on production instructions.stainless coil stock, steel coil prices

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