home to machine lawfully
  • lumber of front cover home to machine lawfully " , On January 8 afternoon, officers and soldiers of this frontier defence is in the discovery when visitting the civil marine flooring for sale storeroom with one long-term and bedraggled place, put before this storeroom door have a few wood, there all is fraise keep out all around, again smoke appears from chimney, cause the vigilance of frontier defence officers and

    soldiers. When civil to this storeroom can you use composit deck screws on wood is checked, discover this are civil storeroom covers an area of about 2500 square metre, storeroom memory has a large number of wood, and the worker is undertaking lumber is machined, put in hidden trouble of greater fire protection. Frontier defence officers and soldiers is used execute the law recorder takes a picture after wood plastic composite wall panel keep evidence, instruct its

    to suspend operation, bring back the boss of mill and worker investigation of the inquiry inside place. Via checking solid, li Mou of boss of this treatment mill deck tile plastic grid austria belongs to an individual to manage, ever hire is full continent factory building of Li Mou company undertakes lumber is machined. By December 2017, li Mou uses the friend's storeroom, move lumber and treatment facilities this from

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