• In the long history of mining machinery industry, Shanghai broken stone machine is one of the "elders" broken equipment, why say so, because, broken stone machine in Shanghai early, and widely used, so that in the 21st century today, in the broken line, broken stone machine in Shanghai is still a place, but is the progress of the development of the society.

    Environmental protection, is in the contemporary society with a special focus on a topic, broken stone machine in Shanghai should also be involved, as Shanghai broken stone machine, mining crushing equipment in daily work, produce the large amount of dust and noise, certainly is not a kind of damage to the environment, green mining is the goal of today's society, in order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, increase the Shanghai environmental protection function of broken stone machine is very necessary, the construction of our country cannot leave Shanghai broken stone machine, only strengthen the function of environmental protection, to achieve sustainable development.

    Innovation, apart from the Shanghai rock breaking machine, every industry needs to innovate and stop, how should the society develop? Last year, China officially implemented "neighbourhood" policy, Shanghai broken stone machine under the implementation of this policy, go abroad, towards the world, the broken stone machine in Shanghai is a very good opportunity, in order to the world's big stage lambe, continuously innovation is essential, with the development of society and development, based on this.

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