• According to the characteristics of various furnace types and specific technical requirements, a reasonable energy-saving technical scheme can be used to achieve the expected energy saving effect.

    Organized a number of materials experts, chemical and engineering experts after years of research and development, Beijing has the exclusive new patented technology, broke through the high temperature resistant coating temperature limit, the world's leading technology, the use of inorganic coating finishing technology, with special high temperature materials, using high temperature solution Sheng Zhi Wei Hua special, to raise the temperature high amplitude resistant coating to 1800 DEG C, short-time temperature can reach 2300 DEG C, and long time fire barbecue.

    Zhi Sheng Wei sinoref high temperature coating for high temperature insulation, high temperature oxidation corrosion, high temperature furnace of far infrared energy saving, high temperature resistant adhesive, high temperature transparent paint, energy-saving effect is remarkable. The coating temperature increase also led other industrial technology upgrade, to bring about revolutionary changes in other industrial production process, has been widely used in the high temperature furnace equipment, petrochemical, aerospace, military, medicine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, construction and so on, can make the heating furnace kiln overall energy saving rate increased by more than 5%, the highest reached 30%.

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