overall floor price rose slightly
  • leadership of the leaders; silver fir;brushwood fencing cost per metre green non-toxic solid wood flooring production plant. Guangxi News Network correspondent Huang Qiongchao map heavy truck loaded with logs imported from the Amazon River basin in Brazil. Guangxi News Network correspondent Huang Qiongchao for Guangxi News Network walked into the plant into the road,[url=http://staceykane.net/wpc-panel/2763-composite-decking-wall-panels-france.html]composite decking wall panels france[/url] from time to time you can see heavy-duty trucks are gradually unloading into the plant. ;

    The company's off-the-shelf wood flooring raw materials arepros and cons of painting over paneling the top raw materials for global log supply base in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia; the relevant responsible person said full load is imported from the Amazon River in Brazil imported logs, each weighing about 5 tons.[url=http://illinoiscoce.org/decking/2798.html]outdoor seat with flower boxes[/url] The day arrived at the factory a total of 300 cubic meters. According to reports, Yun Tak silver fir with the most advanced coating equipment and

    technology, the entire process of automated production,plastic furring products from selection to production, each process are strictly testing checks to ensure product safety, non-toxic, tasteless, especially in important quality control The introduction of advanced drying equipment point, the logs for drying, [url=http://staceykane.net/pvc-deck/2747-ipe-wood-decking-finish.html]ipe wood decking finish[/url]to ensure that raw materials pest control, mildew, deformation, moisture and other indicators meet international standards to ensure that hands to the

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