Three stages of reheating furnace
  • 1, the furnace is divided into preheating section, heating section and homogenizing section along the length direction. The low temperature at the common feed end is the preheating section, and its function is to increase the heat efficiency of the furnace by utilizing the heat of the furnace gas.
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    2. The heating section is the main heating section, and the temperature of the furnace gas is high, which is beneficial to the rapid heating.

    3. The heating section is located at the end of the discharge. The temperature of the furnace gas is very small with the metal temperature, which ensures that the temperature of the section of the blank is uniform. Heating furnace is a commonly used equipment in industrial production. It is widely applied in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries.
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    The heating furnace is one of the industrial furnaces. All kinds of industrial furnaces and boilers are high energy consumption kilns, with high temperature, large heat dissipation surface area and large amount of energy. In recent years, the state has introduced some encouraging measures to save energy and reduce consumption of industrial furnaces, and encourage high energy consuming enterprises to choose their own good measures to save energy and reduce consumption. The energy saving scheme provided by Beijing paint experts is specially designed for the heating furnace.

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