Copper hand warmer
  • Also known as "copper sleeve ing furnace", "hand smoke" and "ceremony", is a palm heating tool widely used in the old palace and folk. The "word" explained: "the winter warm hands of small furnace for copper." With the development of the times change, copper has exited the stage of life ing, gradually forgotten. But since the beginning of 90s, copper handwarmer began to frequent appearances on books and magazines and auctions, its rich exotic style, exquisite and beautiful technology attracted the attention of people.
    Two is the exquisite artistic feature.
    Because is used by the nobles, handwarmer rich woman handheld objects, so the craftsmen make very delicate. In view of its artistic features, it is manifested in three aspects:
    Superb styling design.
    The other diverse, round, square, oval, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, prismatic, plum shaped, melon shaped begonia...... In addition, taking into account ing firm and beautiful at the same time, craftsmen are designed into the bottom flat, concave, milk, water chestnuts and other foot bottom, put in the handbag also made art design, such as curved handle, handle, handle, basket pattern angle handle, bamboo handle etc..
    Exquisite pattern decoration.
    It expresses people's love, hope, pursuit and auspiciousness by portraying geometric patterns and auspicious ornaments. Such as "fortune", "blessed", "happiness", "A family letter reports peace.", "Liyudiaolongmen" ing pattern.
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