participate in the lottery once
  • the contract amount of over 1,000 yuan to participate in the lottery once; prizes set to: first prize: functional sofa (or equivalent universal ticket voucher 5,000), 2 Second prize: smart toilet (or equivalent universal ticket universal 3,000), five third prize:

    CAV audio (or equivalent universal ticket voucher 1000 yuan), 10 four awards: range hood (or other Value universal ticket 500 yuan), 30 Memorial Award: towels, activated carbon bags, aprons, etc. Third, matters needing attention, 1, unified cashier Customers who participate in the lottery please.

    hold the sales contract and payment voucher to the cashier to pay the contract Models, checkout accept customer cash, check and credit card three payment methods. 2, return customers to participate in cash back and sweepstakes, if the contract is canceled or the purchase amount does not meet the cashback or draw requirements,

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