provinces up to now
  • pilot executive blowdown, share 28 provinces up to now (area, city) published blowdown license to manage relevant place code, regulations or normative sex file, add up to evolve plastic flooring extended to unit of about 240 thousand blowdown blowdown licence, accumulated a large number of practice and administrative experience. But also reveal a many problems. This chief says, the problem basically includes blowdown license to make position of

    its foundation core be not how to refinish block chimney highlighted, across of system of multinomial environment management, repeat, pollute a source " several many doors " , " bull management " ; Superintend strength inadequacy according to card, punishment cannot form awe as a result; Contaminative processing responsibility does not fulfil blowdown unit to reach the designated position, lack fulfills the cheapest place for composit decking edmonton initiative of environmental protection

    responsibility to wait. He says, "935 " begin, in law and policy level, the country all is driving blowdown to permit a system to reform with all one's strength. In legal level, wood plastic tile photos active " law of water pollution prevention and cure " " law of environmental protection " and " law of air pollution prevention and cure " wait to all put forward clearly to execute blowdown to allow administrative system further, more original law

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