prohibited completely traffic
  • size especially, be prohibited completely traffic fells, bring about crop of our country lumber to decrease apparently, satisfy the requirement of downstream market hard. plastic flooring for kitchen foreign market restricts wood fell trees the floor enterprise that gives priority to with the entrance to those, the international of lumber market is dynamic, give birth to those who controlling its company reduce power. is current of global

    forest natural resources ultra timber composite landscape timbers distributing very inhomogenous, gross area of whole world forest is 30 much hectare about, 27% what occupy global gross area. Among them the silvan area of the country such as Russia, United States, Canada and Brazil occupied half above. Burmese begin to prohibit before 3 years log exit, came on stage early or late last year " ban cut down to make " , next deck reviews " be restricted cut down makes " , the

    beginning of the year is increased this year right " illegal cutting " blow block broke many lumber to contraband, the export that will halt lumber and wood again 6 ft composite fence suppliers now in addition, burmese this year announce to be environment of protective forest zoology in forestry industry association, burmese the export that will halt lumber and wood. professional personage expresses, because raw material is rare,be short of, the

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